First Blog Post: This is Me

My name is Lindsey.  I’m sixteen years old.  I love reading.  My family is the bomb.  God is good all the time.  I am part of a robotics team.  I want to go into Biomedical Engineering and create robotic prosthetics.  Fun fact: I keep a log of all the books I own; turns out, I have 540 books.  I try to blog.  I hate homework.  My friends are the best.  Chocolate is love, chocolate is life.  Tea is better than coffee.  Bookmarks are for beginners.  My cat Annabeth (Yes, like the girl in Percy Jackson…) is better than yours.  Fuzzy blankets and fuzzy socks are a must, year round.  Taekwondo is challenging but awesome.  I own too many pillows.  I cannot read every book in the world and it makes me sad.  My favorite color is purple.  I love making people smile and brightening their day.

These are my fandoms: (In no particular order)

Star Wars, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Star Trek, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Divergent, Middle Earth, Narnia, Marvel, DC, Disney, The Lunar Chronicles, Broadway, The Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, The Maze Runner, and Maximum Ride.

I was going to separate these fandoms into Books/Movies/TV shows, but many of them fit more than one category.  And some are more preferable in one category than they are in another… (I’m looking at you, Percy Jackson movies!)

A more in-depth view of fandoms I enjoy will be available soon! 🙂

Let’s get to know each other! Comment below what your favorite book/movie/TV show/ fandom is!


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